People are spending more and more time online watching video. Adding motion graphics to your marketing is a great way to increase engagement and drive conversions. When you work with SuperMegaPixel you get a team of dedicated artists who are professional animation experts. Whether you need video for your landing page, a persuasive video for your non profit fundraiser, an engaging explainer for social media, or an animated commercial for TV, we’ll swing you through the process, you walk away with a super sweet video that guides your audience right down your sales funnel!


We begin our process by discussing your goals. Once our designers understand your situation, we work together to develop a strategy for using motion graphics to tell your story.


After a kick-off call, our motion designers and copywriters work together to develop a script and concept that will tell your story and pair well with motion design.


Storyboards are shared at varying degrees of finish, making sure that important details are covered and that you know exactly what to expect before we begin the motion design process.

Design & Animation

We create custom characters and backgrounds to explain what will happen in each scene, so you have a concrete idea of what to expect when you see the final piece. Then, we bring it to life.

Sound Design & Voiceover

Motion graphics rely on solid sound design to create a captivating experience. After visuals are in place, we find the right sound effects, music, and voice talent to enhance the feeling of movement.


We deliver the shiny new motion graphic design, and any other content you need to share your video on different platforms. You ride off happily into the sunset, until you’re ready to build your next story.

The turnaround time for professional motion graphics is typically 3-5 weeks.