Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This may be one of the most discussed topics we encounter and with good reason. The goal of effective SEO is to be ranked highly in the search engine (Google) results for topics that are important to your audience.
This recipe for success is a blend of the creative and the technical. Your information must be highly relevant and add value for your audience. It also must be presented in manner that is both easily digestible to the market and organized in a way that allows the search engine spiders to index your web pages properly.

SEO Strategy

If you have been perusing our services you may have noticed an emphasis on strategy. Much like brand strategy and social media strategy your approach to SEO should follow guidelines like outline your goals and maintain your focus. Careful selection of the topics, short tail keywords, long tail keywords and how you present information all play factors in developing your SEO plan.

Link Building

One of the ways search engines determine the relevance and the ranking of your pages is by examining the other pages that are linking to your information. These are “backlinks” and when they come from a site with significant page authority, they tell the search engines, that your page has merit and the content contained on it is relevant to the topic.

SEO Audit

We highly recommend periodically conducting an audit of your website to ensure that the current best practices are being followed. Technical aspects of SEO are equally important. URL structure, page speed, navigation, dead links, broken re-directs, robots.txt files and duplicate content all effect SEO and each of these item and more require attention to be optimized properly.

“Focusing on quality [backlinks] over quantity is what can help to protect your site as Google updates.”
— Adam Riemer,

Our Services

Brand Design & Strategy

The strategy behind your brand sets the course of your company’s journey. Your brand is your true North.

Social Media Management

Not all platforms are created equal and your audience and prospective customers may not be on every network. 

Audience Analytics

Gaining insights into your audience plays a key role in validating the effectiveness of your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

The goal of SEO is to be in the search engine results for topics that are important to your audience.


Copywriting delivers the message of your products and services persuades readers to become customers.

Team Training

We will train your staff to use the business tools we create to make everyday of your day to day a success. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Website Development

Your company’s website is often one of the first places a potential customer interacts with your brand.

Email Marketing

A successful email campaign is one that inspires your readers and customers to take action.