Web Hosting Philosophy

Our web hosting philosophy at the time was to provide high performance yet easy to use web hosting products and services to my customers at an affordable price so they would use them to create more advanced systems that I could manage for them and include in their service level agreements. As things progresses, The smaller web hosting division of the business  quickly became our main source of revenue. This is when DJF Webmaster Services was born. At this point most of my customers were buying my web hosting services and reselling them to smaller customers. This was done through my state-of-the-art hosting management system that allows a reseller to message them through a custom system that allowed then to negate their customers.

Do you have a web development business? Are you responsible for managing a web server? Are you in charge of your company’s website? Do you have a personal site and just need help? We have the perfect solution for you. We offer:

  • Managed helpdesk solutions
  • Get help when you need it
  • We have web engineers standing by to help you.
  • Easily keep track of your projects through out innovative helpdesk application.
  • Receive alerts when the status of your ticket changes.
  • WordPress theme customizations, Linux server support and more

Do you really have time to mess with one of those self-serve DIY tools, like Wix? There’s a reason 98% of their customers quit without ever launching a site. And can you trust your business image to a low-cost local IT person who “also does websites,” or some budget/bulk provider using old school templates? Now you can get top quality, custom website design with the entire process handled for you by a full Agency team, but for 80-90% lower cost than typical Agency services.

User Friendly Interface
Super Secure Environment
Mission Critical Delivery
Monitoring and Backup Solutions