How We Fulfill Your eCommerce Vision
Flexible Stability.

We ready you for sudden success by hosting your site on a cloud infrastructure tuned to handle traffic spikes.

Mobile Enablement.

We unify your users’ experience across mobile and desktop browsers to maximize engagement.

Smart Security.

We guard your eCommerce data with layers of security on every touchpoint without slowing performance.

Site Design.

We streamline every aspect of shopping and browsing to craft a unique online experience for deep customer engagement.

Rich Analytics.

We learn how users interact with your brand, then use this insight to optimize your user experience and drive sales.

Powerful Scalability.

We design your eCommerce strategy and platform to adapt and grow as your business expands.

Full Ecommerce Audit

We are a team of three vastly experienced ecommerce professionals and we deliver comprehensive, actionable ecommerce audits. The audits cover all of the fundamental areas of ecommerce and provide actionable insight into improving performance across customer acquisition, customer experience and technical areas. My background is in customer experience marketing and the other two professionals are focused on user experience and ecommerce delivery and management – together we have over 20 years’ online retail experience.

We’ve completed a number of these audits for successful online stores and have helped to uncover a number of barriers / issues impacting the store’s ability to convert customers and generate revenue.

User testing (video user tests completed across mobile, tablet and desktop for three different journeys / objectives)
User journey analysis (review of impact of current user journeys and how different pages / page templates, navigation, prompts etc are impacting these)
Performance review (analysis of your site’s speed and performance issues)
Review of automated email activity (use of triggered email, welcome programs, loyalty programs, post-purchase relationship handling etc)
Product reviews (review of the acquisition process, how they’re handled, ranking algorithm, the questions being asked, technology used etc)
Review of site search, merchandising and product recommendations (including results, impact of 0 result searches, personalisation etc)
Analytics review (review of how your analytics tracking could be improved to provide more insight)
Review of product positioning and promotions (how products are being positioned and promoted on the site)
Customer acquisition review (audit of all customer acquisition channels – such as organic & paid search, email marketing, affiliate marketing, display etc – with a view to outlining key areas for improvements)