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Platform-specific mobile apps offer super performance, outstanding user experience with exceptional reliability. Our expert mobile app development team has developed many native applications for all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. We develop for all popular devices like iPhone, iPad and various Android run devices. From idea, engineering to user acquisition, we provide end-to-end experiences in building enterprise grade solutions and consumer applications.

Form builder features & integrations

A full-featured form builder plugin. Get started with the most features and flexibility than any other WordPress forms plugin in one easy-to-use package.

Display Form Data with Views
Format, filter and display the data submitted via your forms in custom Views. Create dynamic views which link to individual detail entries, or filter by current user ID.

Drag and Drop Form Builder
Build complex forms the easy way with a simple WordPress drag and drop form builder. Click or drag a new field into a form, with no HTML required.

Dynamically Add Form Fields
Need to collect multiple sets of information with a single entry? Repeatable fields allow your users to add a new set of fields on the fly.

User Submitted Posts & Pages
Add new posts and pages with WordPress front end posting. Set custom fields, titles and even a featured image. Create new posts as drafts to allow admin moderation.

Multi Page Form with Progress Bar
Split complex data entry into easy to manage multi-page forms that auto-save a draft on each page turn. Progress bars and root-lines also give a great user experience.

Front End Editor
Allow users to edit form entries, submissions & user created pages or posts – all from the beauty of your theme. Front-end editing is seamless and simple.

Create a Graph and Chart Form Data
Display statistics from form entries, and graph your data in a variety of eye catching styles with graphs that automatically update as new data is submitted.

Cascading Lookup Fields
Use the power of cascading fields to display options available by each field “watching” the previous selections. Can also be used to drill down through the options to reveal a final value.

Powerful Calculated Fields
Complex calculations are easy with Formidable Forms. Give instant online estimates, calculate advanced product options, or even interest/repayment calculators.