Terrapin Foundation

The Brief

The Terrapin Foundation, Inc. is a grassroots, Connecticut based, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The Foundation is dedicated to stimulating financial and inspirational support to encourage the Arts, enrich our communities, and preserve natural resources. In its efforts to achieve these goals, the Foundation raises funds through donations and the production of cultural, artistic and musical events. The Terrapin Foundation believes that through the Arts we can nurture the communities in which we live and thus change the world one community at a time. Information and demonstrations include everything from environmental awareness to social consciousness. The Foundation has hosted a non-perishable food and hygiene product drive every year since 1999 to benefit a local food bank.

When they contacted us had a very basic website that displayed their contact information and logo. The donations process was extremely long and the hosting was unreliable. They wanted a more interactive space to share the events and causes they were involved in.

Our Solution

We implemented a brand new WordPress installation, integrated their social media presence, and adopted a content strategy that revolved around blog posts about their involvement in community events. The donation process was revamped and simplified.

The Result

Terrapin Foundation continues to spread community cheer in the greater Bridgeport community. The website continues to grow and showcase events and missions the Foundation is involved in. Donations have grown since our updates and continue to grow.

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January 9, 2017