Audience Analytics

Gaining insights into your audience plays a key role in validating the effectiveness of your brand strategy and design and your social media management.
Your customers follow a “buyer’s journey” and in each phase of that journey their needs evolve. Analyzing your audience throughout their journey will help you identify these personas and anticipate their needs. Data can be acquired regarding demographics, likes and dislikes, market segments, geography, language, buying behavior such as new or returning customers, their buying frequency and level of engagement with particular platforms and types of media. All of these data points are then interpreted and used to fine tune the strategies. Learning where and when your audience engages with your content lets you know what is working and what is not, which leads to more informed business decisions. If content is working better on YouTube versus Twitter, perhaps an increase in the video production budget can be justified while the content on Twitter can be reviewed and fine-tuned.

Audience Segmentation

Identifying smaller segments of your audience allows you to target and measure the effectiveness of campaigns more accurately. For example a clothing brand may use geographic segments as they plan the launch of a new winter coat concentrating on colder climate locations.

Audience Influence

Understanding the likes and dislikes of your audience can also aid in collaborations that would benefit your community. If the same clothing brand from the last example discovers data that supports their community prefers boots over sandals, perhaps there is an opportunity for a cross promotion.
As social influencers continue to become an important aspect of reaching today’s marketplace, identifying those influencers with a similar fan base becomes a much needed skill to ensure promotional and advertising dollars are focused properly.

“It’s not about one touch. It’s about multiple touches along the customer journey and each has to be consistent — from awareness until the customer makes a decision,” said Jamie Anderson, senior vice president of marketing, customer engagement and commerce solutions portfolio, SAP.